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Ann Drea
Dec 10, 2021
It’s taken me months to finally post this because I’ve been in denial. I am truly lost for words and cannot believe I won’t see you again and I’m struggling to come to terms with that. I have never met anyone like you, you are true definition of selflessness. You have soo much time for the people around you and I will be forever thankful for every moment I got to spend with you. We asked you to be Isabelle’s godmother and I’m happy you got to meet her even though it was just one time. Who would have known that would be our last time with you. I promise to look after your brother for you, he misses you so much. I take comfort knowing that every moment with you was always a happy one, I will never forget your beautiful smile. I miss our FaceTime calls, I just keep hearing your voice so clearly in my mind. I’m shocked, broken, in disbelief and will never understand why you were taken from us so early. I will cherish every memory of you. I thank God for your precious life, although I know life will never be the same without you. Rest in paradise Queen, I love you forever ❤️💔😓💔💔
I miss you ❤️ content media