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Janice Eba






JUNE 8TH, 1988


JULY 16TH, 2021

 Janice Eba

A loved daughter, sister, aunty, cousin and friend to many; passed away on Friday 16th July, 2021.


Janice was an encourager, a motivator, and the loudest at every celebration... literally! She was a light and a lifeline. She was prayerful, God-fearing and was a blessing to all those who knew her.


Janice attended St. Joachim primary school and progressed to attending St. Angela’s secondary school and sixth form. She finally attended Middlesex University where is got a degree within a BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Janice also served diligently in her church and used the latter years of her life to uplift, pray for and bring others into the knowledge of Jesus Christ. She was also ordained as a minister at Freedom House Church in May 2021.


Janice spent her days helping others find hope in hopeless situations and healing the broken through the grace of God.


A multitalented fitness fanatic and outstanding hairdresser, she formed so many relationships with clients from all over the world. A dancehall lover (yes, she was Nigerian) but Jamaican at heart. If you know... you know!


Anyone who knew Janice can attest to the fact that her joy was infectious and her humour and honesty was unmatched. She couldn't hide her thoughts on a matter... her face told a thousand words, literally. 

Via this site, you can leave a tribute (via picture or words), make a donation and find out further information about next steps in due time

Do keep Janice’s family in your prayers. 


We love you Janice, and we know that heaven is so happy to receive you. Your legacy will never be forgotten.


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- 2021

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